Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.

The Photo Gallery of Our Liberal Place

Liberal Club Barcelona

If you are seeking a new liberal club in Barcelona with apleasant setting and suitable for exploring your sexual desires with other couples with a similar outlook, at Oops! Barcelona you will find the ideal atmosphere for meeting people and letting your fantasies run wild. We have facilities for you that we have equipped and carefully decorated as a setting in which each couple can enjoy themselves in the way they want. Here you can both chat or dance in a relaxed atmosphere as well as enjoying your sexual fantasies in the different areas fitted out for such purposes, including a BDSM area.

Oops! already sets the pace as a partner-swapping club inBarcelonawith an elegant air –we have a dress code–, open and discrete, where you will feel comfortable the moment you step in. If you thinking about starting up in the world of partner-swapping, you don’t need to worry: don’t hesitate in visiting us, since our staff will inform you of the codes, rules and everything you need to know so that you can have fun with other like-minded couples. We invite you to delight in our spectacular facilities, set in a Modernist house, and our exclusive atmosphere.

Liberal club in Barcelona with a distinguished atmosphere

We are an absolute must visit for all liberal couples in Barcelona. Don’t miss out on a detailed proposal in which we have included everything you could expect to spend a memorable night any time you wish to visit us. Come and discover a club with its own personality that has a pool, gardens, chill-out zone… the possibilities that this swinger space in Barcelona offers are very wide-ranging and we are sure you will find a corner in which you will enjoy interacting with liberal couples in the way you fancy. We also organise many special events with different attractions.

The counter of the bar located on the ground floor of our private liberal club

Views of the garden and chill-out area of Oops! Barcelona. Liberal club environment.

Passage to the dance area, garden, swimming pool and chill-out area of Oops! Barcelona.

You can use our dungeons to indulge your sexual fantasies.

Elegant changing rooms and showers of our liberal place.

The room with the fireplace and beautiful views of the city of Barcelona.

Bar on the top floor of our liberal club with access to the terrace.

The clocks room at the top floor of our liberal club, with access to the terrace and views of Barcelona.

Enjoy our top terrace and the fantastic views of Barcelona.

Enjoy the rooms of our club with a liberal atmosphere and fabulous views of the city of Barcelona.