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Incitement of desire is the basis of seduction

The liberal couple must be amiable

Our basic rule of liberal behavior always revolves around a sacred word: Respect. Couples move from one place to another in a liberal atmosphere governed by discretion and civility. We do not want violent gestures or any offensive attitude.

It is very important that we all keep an attitude of respect for the tastes, wishes and desires of the other attendees, without ever forcing any situation they do not want and on the principle of immediate acceptance of rejection. An attitude of deep respect may always lead to new experiences. And here hygiene plays an important role, as a demonstration of that respect for each other.

To be swinger, one should be nice and look for the pleasure of others, while knowing that the basis of seduction is in the incitement of desire… and it all means that no one, neither liberal nor non-liberal couples, may feel uncomfortable… because if there is respect, there can be no discomfort.

Desire is the basis of seduction