Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.

Fulfill your fantasies with other liberal couples

The Facilities of Our Liberal Club

Our facilities are comprised of areas with bar service where you can have drinks or dance, and areas for more specific uses, such as games, a BDSM area, with beds and darkroom. The club provides access to changing rooms and showers (with towels, sarongs, shoes and utensils for your personal hygiene). Use them all to your advantage to fulfill your sexual fantasies and erotic games or to learn what others might propose to you.

Oops! Barcelona has a disco with a liberal environment.

In short, we have facilities designed for you to enjoy the night and get the most out of interacting with other liberal couples and trying your abilities of celebrating your fantasy in a private adventure…

Any area of Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club can be used to engage in games or flirting, and even to deepen them, but it should be kept in mind that other attendees may be interested in observing only. We cannot always expect full intimacy, which can add an exciting and interesting feel to our games. Indulge your imagination: it is the best ally of your private adventure.

Fulfill your fantasies with other couples