Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.

I’m a Wonderful Woman

Wonderful woman

when nervousness, excitement and curiosity first invaded the bodies of those in Ibiza enjoyed the first edition of I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN few could imagine that the event was going to grow with the years into one of the most important celebrations for swingers in southern Europe. One of the most famous general magazines in the world dedicated to the lifestyle in the broadest sense, Pacha MAGAZINE, described “Ibiza as the capital of hedonism and lust. Ibiza as a getaway where to realize all your fantasies. Ibiza as the place where the most important swinger party in southern Europe takes place. I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN back another year to the island by repeating the elements that have become a hit in the finest liberal circles in Europe.”

Wonderful woman
Now, in 2016, I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN jumps from Ibiza to Barcelona to offer this elegant and sensual concept to the finest liberal couples of the continent. Barcelona as a cosmopolitan city, a meeting point for people from all corners of southern Europe that want to experience a different influence.
With limited to hundred and twenty selected open-minded couples or single girls, and with a strict dress code, I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN visit the private club Oops! Barcelona and becomes the ideal place to meet and interact in a different way with other couples from all over Europe. Oops! Barcelona sits on a beautiful old mansion with panoramic views of the city of Barcelona, in the most elegant district of the city. Only five nights in a unique environment for unique people. Five unique occasions spread over the five months preceding the explosion of the Wonderful in Ibiza next August.
Wonderful woman
  • I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN at Oops! Barcelona takes place the first Saturday of every month between March and July 2016 in OOPS! Barcelona.


  • I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN has a strict dress code. All guests must wear exquisite and elegant at the access way to the party. From 1am the hottest lingerie only be permitted in the whole place. And all participants are requested to observe this rule, which is a code of respect for others.


It is 1am. We have stopped the spread by accompanying DJ. We have let the champagne greeted bubbling in our throat. We are ready to go further. To rid ourselves of prejudice. To be ourselves without losing our composure and elegance. To allow the most exquisite lingerie in a night tale of fantasy. Elegant sets under the moonlight, shadows cast by the candlelight, and all in a dream mansion in the exclusive district of the city and enjoying a panoramic views over Barcelona night views. Yes, you’re being an I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN protagonist. Feel it. Enjoy. Let yourself go.


I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN at Oops! Barcelona

  • Saturday, March 5, 2016
  • Saturday, April 2, 2016
  • Saturday, May 7, 2016
  • Saturday, June 4, 2016
  • Saturday, July 2, 2016


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Contacto: info@oopsbarcelona.com

Price: 80 euros per couple, with 4 drinks.


Hotel + Club Experience

For those couples and single women who want to enjoy a very modern 4**** accommodation just two hundred meters OOPS! Barcelona, with all the comfort of a full night and a good breakfast, I’M A WONDERFUL WOMAN and Oops! Barcelona have the privilege to offer a combined package that includes entry to the event and accommodation at the hotel. We also include the transfer from/to the hotel in the car of the club, so you can forget about looking for a taxi. This offer is limited to small number of couples.

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 Wonderful woman