Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.


We all have prejudices, are part of the game of anticipation, but the lure is almost always not take them seriously. It also works unwillingness to anticipate and go with prime hedonistic environments where common sense and respect. In this context everyone you can try to swipe their games, desires, fetishes, fantasies and whims. It all depends on the skill and charisma to raise questions in others. Elegance is one of the largest generators of curiosity.

Concerning successes associated with Berlin style party intuition help us to understand the potential of generating encounters between people with charisma, colorful people. The idea is that the environment creates the identity of the party. The world is not a nursery or a cruise with guided activities. Everyone is responsible and free of inhibitions or self-conscious in every situation. We are only bound to enjoy, feel and fun. Everything else is optional.

KINKFANCY Initiative is an inclusive identity environments with many points in common, but without labels. With the ambition to pervert and make Barcelona fantasize, attracting “talent” :)

In short, it is the most refreshingly FUN AND FRIENDLY TRANSGRESORAMENTE party you can CRAVING