Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.


KINKFANCY is a new concept of party with no labels, where a modern palace constructed in 1906 embodies a free and colourful atmosphere of all Barcelona. A lot of play, fantasy, elegancy and fun. For all types of sexualities.

On the 5th of September we come back with another party never seen before: Matsuri”.It’s a party inspired by the oriental culture, ancestral Japanese cuisine, nyotaimori and naintaimori with a few more surprises.

Like other KINKFANCY parties, “Matsuri” will offer you an amazing space full of play, extraordinary performances, shows, elaborated outfits, good music, DJs and a very sensual and artistic atmosphere in our Palace with a swimming pool and views to all Barcelona. 

This time we open the doors at 20:00 for the hungriest for “Matsuri”. Don’t wanna miss our amazing start of the party.


For this occasion we suggest you use some oriental elements. But you can also inspire yourself with Cabaret, Burlesque, Lingerie, Fantasy, Latex, Leather, Animal, Bodypaint….no limits. Just be imaginative.

Price at the entrance: 60 euros (2 mixed drinks included in a price)

Dress-code is COMPULSORY!

Place: Carrer d‘Angli 69, Barcelona