Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.


It darkens, it darkens to soon. Añoramos la luz, como vosotros; el tacto del sol, la caricia del tiempo estival, el calor del verano. But we are almost in winter and there are no miracles … maybe we’ll have to invent them.

¡Well, let’s do this! Lets go in the middle of the winter to seek an almost tropical atmosphere. We set our special Winter Holidays Party to provide and offer the possibility of such break to make us less unfortunate the harsh winter. ¿ What better to escape few days between December and February to Lanzarote to turn the calendar?


Date: Saturday 29 of november

Price: 50€ with 4 drinks  (lockers while stocks last)


WE HAVE A PRESENT FOR ALL COUPLES THAT WILL ATTEND, A FREE NIGHT at one of the most famous swingers resorts in the world, Spice Lanzarote. We reinvent the summer for all of you in a celebration designed to exorcise the cold.¿ We are getting hot all together and tell the winter that she has its days numbered?

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This night we expect big surprises. Ostentatious luxury, frantic pace, overflowing sensuality, unbridled excitement … in the purest Oops! style. Because we are Oops!, and because you all are Oops!, we want to offer an unforgettable night.


¡We will be waiting for you!