Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.


Second? Never good? Not what the multitude of couples on June 7h think, they lived the fantastic experience our first foam party. It was a brutal experience, in which many couples debuted our pool after a sensual bubble bath and more morbid details that they will count …

What I will tell you is that everyone was left wanting for more, those ho attended and who were unable to attend. So we put the batteries and on June 28, after a week of delight with the feast of St. John,we will load again our foam gun with an arsenal of arousal and eroticism and flood your minds and bodies in a revival of the like yesterday, but with all those who missed it .

Promising?? More than that A chance to see fulfilled what until yesterday was pure fantasy, go with the anonymity of the foam into hot, naked bodies dancing around.

…and THERE IS MORE!!! Our swinger tour operator LUXURY LIFESTYLE VACATIONS specialized in swinger holiday all over the world will ruffle two authentic marvels:

1) A stay at the stunning swinger resort in Riviera Maya DESIRE RESORT

2) A CRUISE for swinger Couples with the departure in November at Fort Lauderdale.


Date: Saturday 28th of June
Entree: 50€ + 4 drinks + lockers (while stocks last)


Let your imagination fly. See you in that imaginary bubble station we call FOAM PARTY, PART TWO. we wait you all, because sequels are not only good, but sometimes BETTER.

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¡Do not miss it!