Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.


An exciting year full of surprises, events and challenges ends. We are sure that 2015 will bring us new reasons for continuing celebration, and with that hope we welcome the New Year.

We will do as the occasion merits, ruffling a fantastic week stay at Hedonism the famous Jamaican Swinger Resort, sponsored by our friends Luxury Life Style. n addition, another of our great partners, the Sex Shop Love Stop, will ruffle a authentic marvel, a diamond vibrator. And the surprises do not end here….


Day: Wednesday 31 of december, starting at 00:30

Price: 80€ with 4 drinks + welcome cava drink + party favors

(lockers until stocks last)


¿Can you ask for more? ¡Of course you can! Will accompany us one of the most successful shows this year to liven up even more, if that is possible, the magic of onea of the most uninhibited nights of the year.

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Come and celebrate it all the way out! This is NEW YEAR’S EVE, by Oops, only in Oops.


¡We will be waiting for you!