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fiesta 50 sombras

50 SHADES by Santavenus.es

Next Saturday on 1st of February  we will be hosting the “50 Shades by Santavenus.es”, when we will present a new sexshop online santavenus.es!

Tonight we are going to carry all of you to the most erotic, sexual and lustful ambience of the famous novel “50  Shades of Grey”. We want   you girls to awake the goddess that you have inside yourselves and let you be carried by your most sordid fantasies. For one night  you can became the multimillionaire and controller Mr. Grey and Ana, the sweet journalist who begins to discover his sexuality with all its games.

Entrance: 50€ + 4 drinks + locker

¿Are you going to be able to resist?

The assistants shall dress up for the ocasion, gentlemans with con elegant clothes or casual sport … with an open shirt and pants you could be the live image of Mr. Grey, the ladies very sexy, fetish, with transparencies, leather black tonalities, BDSM, handcuffs, etc… we live it up to your imagination 

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We will enjoy of a big variety of prizes among the assistants, ideal to realize your sexual fantasies and share great experiences, some of whom will bi given to the couple that best characterizes the famous multimillionaire and journalist. ¿Are you going to miss it?

 List of awards:

  • Ultra Twizzle Big Vibrator Trigger Purple
  • Vibrador Vibe Slimline Clasico negro
  • Total Silver Vibrator
  • Super Ball Geisha Purple
  • Shunga Body painting of strawberries and champagne
  • Shunga Collection Geisha Secrets
  •  Quinte Anal Balls red Bendy Twist
  • Powder flavored edible strawberries with champagne
  • Realistic penis double penetration (33 cm)
  • Pasta Kamasutra (250 gr.)
  • Pack 3 stimulants thimbles
  • Les Petits Bombons Vibrading Ball
  • I Rub My Ducki Sweet Heart Paris White Trave
  • Whip + Whiper  Feather Tickler White Red
  • Fourplay Vibrator
  • Harness for head and penis gag (Fetish fantasy series)
  • Purple Satin Mask (Fetish fantasy)
  • Print Red Handcuffs (Fetish fantasy)
  • Leopard print handcuffs (Fetish fantasy)
  • Flexible Dildo double lilac jelly
  • Vibrador purple (Crystal Clear)
  • Bunny Ring Supervibrator and Ultrastimulant
  • Kit Clonador Coneboy bright in the dark penis
  • Bondage Seductions Explore the World of Bondage
  • Vibrator ring purple tongue 


Come, come. I owe you an orgasm