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Sociedad Cerrada (Masquerade)

Next Friday 19th July we celebrate the “Oops! & Sociedad Cerrada party, with the theme Masquerade.

Sociedad Cerrada was born in Berlin calling herself Geschlossene Gesellschaft. People from different nations initiated a project consisting in organizing private meetings dedicated to free expression, art, fantasy and extravagance for a open-minded public. They have slowly been growing in popularity and number of participants.

Day: Friday 19th July
Entree: 60€ + 4 drinks + locker

Its rules are very similar to the Swinger comunity therefore the swinger part of Sociedad Cerrada will join Oops! For one night.

These are their rules:

– Respect for all participants. Education and courtesy are signs of intelligence. Never judge, criticize or signel anybody. Learn from the differences.

– Dress for the occasion, evenings devoted to daring, art, creativity, fantasy and transgression.

– JOY! Displays all your positive spirit. Give a smile to each person who crosses you.

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Visit the website of Sociedad Cerrada: www.sociedadcerrada.com


Oops! opens her mind to Sociedad Cerrada for a night of contrasts, you open yourself?