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Sensual lingerie night

On Friday May 31 we will have an evening filled with passion, curiosity and eroticism with “Sensual Lingerie Night”.

You’ll have to come dressed for the occasion in your best lingerie. It will be a special evening that will feel glamorous, sensual, feminine and elegant.Take advantage of it!

Date: Friday, May 31
Entree: 50€ + 4 drinks

The evening will be marked by the impressive parade of the famous designer Bibian Blue (ver info) and the raffle of one of her precious corsets.

Bibian Blue is a designer from Barcelona with its own identity, for many, she is “The” designer.

His works, considered genuine works of art, trends are inspired by vintage, burlesque and comic. It combines the retro with the gothic and baroque pop art. Passionate lingerie and curves, standing out the female form in all its creations.

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Passion, curiosity, eroticism…