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Spice Lanzarote Lifestyle Party

Last July 6th we had scheduled the sensational party “Spice Lifestyle Lanzarote”, but an unfortunate incident destroyed all possibilities to celebrate it. A high voltage pole caught fire and we stayed without electricity! Maybe being so close to a place as hot as Oops! affected the poor, who could not resist heartburn and therefore he laid hold ;)

Sorry for the inconvenience you and we appreciate the holy patience you had, therefore we reprogram this much desired party for a new date!!!

On Friday, August 30th, (this time it´s a fact) we will celebrate a special event with “Spice Lifestyle Lanzarote”, the first swingers resort hotel in Europe in holiday specialists for swingers and naturist, perfect weather all year round.

Date: Friday 30th of August
Entrée fee: 50€ + 4 drinks + locker

In Spice you will enjoy a paradise with swimming pools and gardens, relaxing time, good food and warm and sensual nights. An ideal place to carry out your fantasies, experiment with erotic costumes and fulfill your desires with intimate encounters. Meet new friends in an environment where nudity and sexuality are enjoyed.

Which will be the lucky couple?

Win a FREE Holiday at Spice Lifestyle Lanzarote.

Among the attendees we will raffle a stay of 3 nights all included, for two, for Free, at Spice Lifestyle Lanzarote. A dream came true!

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Put Spice into your life