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Elite Boys Party UL (Union Liberal)

On Friday May 17th we will have an evening of the most daring. On this occasion, Liberal Union has chosen our VIP room for the second edition for the Party “Elite Boys UL”.

Unión Liberal held a first phase consisted of various castings, where several guys were chosen to create the UL Elite Squad, formed by active members of UL and following selection criteria:

“Under 35 years old with liberal spirit, experience in trios, actives and resistant, uninhibited, willing, with sporting bodies and handsome (asked to be so by women), respectful, educated and having Premium or Gold tab on Liberal Union”.

All members of this squad will be invited to “intervene” (depending on availability of each) every time we organize such events.

Who can attend the party?

All the couples, trios or couples who are just beginning the trio experience. The girls by themselves. Guys who will join the Elite Squad. ¡See you!

REMEMBER: The party will be held at Prive Oops! Barcelona (see gallery), so the access to this plant will be only and exclusively for those attending the Party of Elite Guys UL.

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(It is allowed access only to the selection Elite Guys UL, since Oops! Barcelona do not accept single mans).

Guys Squad Elite UL. Dare!