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Brazil Party

The next Saturday, 27th of July we have prepared a fully-fledged Brazilian Party. The perfect excuse to attend Oops! Barcelona and enjoy our facilities, garden, chill out, pool … all wrapped in a Caipirinha aroma.

Tanned boys and girls, carnival, capoeira, dancers, percussion, saaaamba! … All this makes Brazil the perfect place to vibrate!

Come and get excited by the rhythm!

Date: Saturday 27th July
Entree: 60€ + 4 drinks + locker

Win 1 CRUISE from Copacabana to BUENOS AIRES.

Among those attending we will draw one cruise than 1 week, all included, valued at 3750 €, which will take us from Copacabana (Brazil) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Either you can be the lucky couple. Rhythm, rhythm, rhyyythm!!!

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With the rhythm into the body!