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The Courtesans game

On Saturday 8th of June we will celebrate in Oops! Barcelona “The Courtesans game”. This party has the support of website Unión Liberal.

Many women have fantasized at some point in his life of being a “courtesan” in Oops! Barcelona we will make this possible. To this end, we will deliver to each man an amount of money (currency fictional) in order to negotiate favors with the ladies. The total money earned by the courtesan will give a prize option … (more rules explain the day of the party).

Date: Saturday 8 of June

PRIZE: The couple who collect the most play money, will win a 2 night stay in the guest house swinger “The Villa Rosa” in Cap d’Agde (France)

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How to dress for the occasion?

Women are advised to dress appropriately to the theme. Bodice, Marquise, 20’s style, geisha, or perhaps a long black glove, a boa or a hat, that can transform any outfit in glamorous. Just be a little creative!

Men can go with clothes that go in line with your partner’s dress, ceremonial dress, dress 40s, Borsalino hat, business suit, …

Seduction, fantasy, erotism, …