Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.

The Opening Party of Our Liberal Club

The day of December 14 saw the opening of a new liberal club, Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club. We opened the doors of the new temple of play and pleasure, where you can fulfill all your sexual fantasies … and it was a success. More than 150 liberal couples from all over the country attended the event, which makes us very pleased and grateful for the interest shown. The stakes are very high, but we intend to remain at the level we hope for.

Our liberal club is situated in a unique mansion located in the upper area of Barcelona. It is the perfect place to socialize with other liberal couples who share your interests and your desire to enjoy very special moments.

If you missed the event and could not be there, we invite you to come and meet us. We are open from Thursday to Sunday, and in our section “Parties” you can see the upcoming events that will take place.

We thank all attendees and those could not come. We are expecting to show you Oops! Barcelona, a stylish and innovative, special and different place. We invite you to accompany us in this adventure that has just begun.

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Our adventure has begun