Welcome to Oops! Barcelona, the place where liberal swingers satisfy your sexual fantasies.

Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club.

Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club

Liberal Private Club in Barcelona

Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club is situated in a stately mansion in the upper area of Barcelona, just off junction 7 of Ronda de Dalt, and is surrounded by gardens. It is a luxurious mansion built in the era of modernism (1902), which has retained its original facade and all the flavor of an era highly valued by connoisseurs. The interior has preserved interesting decorative elements, such as chimneys, cupolas, columns, and so on.

It is the perfect place to socialize with other liberal couples who share your interests and your desire to enjoy very special moments. Downstairs you will find relaxing areas with different environments, where you can have drinks, chat, take a walk, dance, as well as spend time in the gardens, at the pool, in the chill-out area, and enjoy a lot of other activities. It is a world designed exclusively for couples open to new sensations.

On the upper floors in a more liberal environment you can encounter swinger couples eager to interact with other couples with similar interests that may be open to all kinds of experiences. On the second floor, a coquettish VIP area with spectacular views of Barcelona will delight the most adventurous.

Make the most of our facilities to fulfill your sexual fantasies and your erotic games, or to learn what others might propose to you.

You will find only couples willing to enjoy the night like you, since access to Oops! is limited to couples, although single ladies are allowed in. A dress code is required. A private club with liberal, elegant, open, discreet and sensual atmosphere.

Liberal couples have no secrets